Friday, September 4, 2009

Toro 51592 Super 12 Amp 2-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum

With a two-speed motor, the powerful Toro Super 12 Amp electric blower/vacuum delivers up to 230 mph of air speed. Compact and well-balanced, this blower/vacuum is comfortable to use and easy to maneuver. It requires no tools to change from blowing mode to vacuum mode. As a leaf shredder, this tool reduces 10 bags of leaves to one bag. Featuring an exclusive cord-lock system, it holds the power cord firmly in place so the extension cord will never come unplugged from the unit during use.
Customer Review: Great Blower/mulcher
purchased for my son-in-law fathers day, he's crazy about it, at 235mph the blower does a great job, even at 150mph its powerfull, Toro is very reliable, my son-in-law uses it practically everyday around the outside, great great price at amazon
Customer Review: Beware of "High Winds"!!!
This blower works great! It's very light weight and it is so surprising the wind velocity that comes outta this little baby!!!! I highly recommend this to anyone!

electric leaf blower

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fujioh FVALCA30C Cherry Classic Valance Classic Valance Hood Cherry 30" - Blower not Included

Fujioh s solid wood hoods are made out of the highest quality natural woods, and designed under demanding specifications to be resilient, artful, and long-lasting. This classic valance wall wood hood by Fujioh meshes design with utility and will compliment any kitchen with its slender design and beauty.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Makita BHX2500R Factory Reconditioned BHX2500 Commerical 4-Stroke Gas-Powered Blower

This is a reconditioned power tool. Reconditioned generally means that the tool has been returned to the manufacturer, who brings the tool back to like new condition. Some tools may contain cosmetic blemishes!Worlds lightest commercial 4-stroke blower; only 9.8 lbs. for easy maneuverability. Powerful 24.5 cc. commercial duty engine. Large 17.7 oz. fuel tank for longer run time. Quick start - low compression engine for easy starting.Improved exhaust emissions are EPA. Phase II compliant while maintaining power and performance. Improved configuration for easier refueling and maintenance. Includes: BHX2500 24.5 CC Blower - Long Nozzle - 665-95009-00 - Roun-End Nozzle - 665-95010-00 - Blower Tool Kit - 690-90590-00 - Fuel NOT Included
Customer Review: Good Gas Blower
Decent blower for a home owner. Easy start and no mixing of oil and fuel ratio just straight regular gas fuel. Less smoke and noise than a 2 stroke engine. Makita a very good brand.
Customer Review: quieter than I expected
great product, plenty of oomph to sweep drives, decks, walks, etc. And no messy mixing gas and oil, and this baby is so QUIET. I dont even need to wear my "ears" as I did with my older two stroke blower. And I could not tell this "refurbished" model from a new one. The over 100 bucks in price difference from this one to a new one was a no brainer. Plus you get the same one year warranty.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lasko #4924 High Velocity Blower

Oscillating High Velocity Blower
Customer Review: no quality control
The product arrived in good shape. I plugged it in and turned it on and was greeted by a highly unpleasant grinding noise. Apparently they don't utilize any sort of quality control since there was a big plastic burr left on during molding. As the impeller spun, it was rubbing against it. I had to take the stupid thing apart and grind it down with a file after I finally found it. Most consumers would probably return it as defective, so I rated the product as it was when I got it - completely unacceptable. However, if your unit arrives fine, it's pretty quiet for the air it blows. However, don't expect too much. After reading the other reviews I was expecting quite a bit more wind, but it is just fine for my needs.
Customer Review: works great
Not much else to say --- very pleased --- and to my surprise ---- well worth the price.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Metro Vacuum VNB-73B 1-Quart 4-Horsepower Blower Vacuum

It VACUUMS! It AIR SWEEPS! A combination industrial-type vacuum and power blower in a convenient, lightweight unit. The Vac 'N' Blo slips over the shoulder and is perfect for handling dozens of jobs. As a vacuum cleaner, its 1.17 Peak HP motor provides super-concentrated suction for getting out hard-to-remove dirt and dust. As an air blower, it whisks away leaves and debris from walkways, patios, gutters, even pumps inflatables in seconds! Features rugged steel construction with baked enamel finish, 1.17 Peak HP motor, 6.5 Amps, 60+ in water lift, grounded power supply cord, permanent cloth bag, shoulder strap for portability, and 2 year limited motor warranty. From Metro. APO/FPO shipping unavailable.Accessories - 3 ft flexible hose, two 20" extension wands, Pik-All nozzle, Magic Air inflator adaptor, Powerizer air maximizer, and crevice tool. .
Customer Review: Full size power in a small heavy unit
This portable vacuum cleaner has the power of the largest home vacuum cleaners. It is constructed of metal, which makes the unit heavy compared to the weak hand-held rechargable dust-busters, but the portablility of the sheer power has been very useful for us in vacuuming the interior of a car, over the glass top of a large custom fish tank, or for a focused spill of dry material. This is a highest quality, strongly and durably built, serious piece of machinery that hasn't compromised by joining the age of cheap plastic devices. You will have to pay for such quality. It is well worth it if you can afford it and if you need such a capability. Lastly, you will need an extension cord with this unit since the attached cord is less than one foot long.
Customer Review: Its pretty good...
Heres what I like: small compact and portable real strong vacuum for its size real strong blower for its size a lot of attachments if you use them Heres what I dont like: Cord is like 3" without a 3 prong extension you cant use it or even plug it into the wall... only 1 speed for vacuum only 1 speed for blower cleaning the vacuum dust catch is a little messy done outside Overall 4 first I was bothered by the things I dont like about it but this vacuum has grown on me. I really like the powerful blower.

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Electric Hand Held Blower/ Vacuum

Customer Review: Great for Auto Detailing!
I have used this same blower for 2 years now and it's still running strong. I am a professional Showroom Auto Detailer and there is nothing better than this little blower to blast water out of grills, rims, tires, bumbers, trim, etc. after the vehicle is washed. After I blast the water from these hard to reach places the vehicle is then ready for a quick towel drying with only a single towel! Then on with the claying and or polishing and wax. A great investment that gives the most bang for the buck.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009